On behalf of the Governing Body it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our Federation. The Inspire Federation provides optimum learning environments in which positive self-esteem, respect and educational excellence are valued by everyone in a caring and supportive atmosphere. We are an extremely ambitious and forward looking Federation who are always looking to find new and innovative ways to explore and extend our curriculum in order to provide the very best education for all of our children.

We formed the Federation in April 2012 with Walsgrave CofE and Clifford Bridge Primary schools, to become Coventry's first mainstream ‘hard federation’, a relationship that soon reaped benefits of improved educational standards. In October 2013 the Federation grew as it welcomed Sir Frank Whittle Primary School and we are already beginning to see how the Federation organisation is helping to enthuse all our children to achieve and grow.

Our Federation actively encourages parents and carers to participate fully in their children’s education. We believe that children reach their full potential only as a result of effective partnerships between parents /carers and the school, and governors are always looking to ensure this happens effectively.
Everyone within the Inspire Federation encourages our children to work to the very best of their ability across the curriculum, via an extensive range of stimulating experiences delivered to ensure that every child has access to an exciting and inspirational education.

At our schools your child will learn respect for others and sensitivity – growing into thinking and responsible people who are able to contribute to, and benefit from, the society in which they live.

Clifford Bridge Governing Committee

Sir Frank Whittle Governing Committee

Walsgrave CE Governing Committee

Inspire Federation Governors Committee